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skillcrush featured alumni

Charlotte Baker

Nonprofit Marketing Coordinator

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that Skillcrush changed my life… The skills I learned made me confident enough to chase my dream job after I was suddenly fired from a job I hated. Now I’m in non-profit marketing, and the more skills I can bring to the table, the better!”


Skillcrush Reviews

Read on to hear what students and alums have to say about their Skillcrush experience. You too can transform your life and career with the right skills, community, and support!

“About a week into the class I knew my career prospects were going to change for the better, and anyone who has dealt with unemployment knows that this kind of confidence boost is priceless. Not even a week had passed since finishing Skillcrush, and I actually had a job interview where, for the first time, I was able to confidently say “yes” when asked if I knew HTML. That interview led to the job I have today!

Kimberly Foster | Marketing Specialist at 21CT

Before Skillcrush: Unemployed

Sarah Eggers
I enrolled in the Skillcrush Web Design Blueprint back in November of 2014, and it opened up a world of possibility to me. The learning modules gave us hands-on experience in learnable chunks of content, and the instructor and classroom help was top notch! And before I knew it, I was coding up static and mobile sites! (Read my blog post review of it!)

I loved my Skillcrush experience so much I became a repeat customer. Later in 2015, I took the Freelance WP Developer Blueprint. During that class, I built my first WP site and decided to make my client services public. Since then I've had small and larger clients and have a great side hustle going alongside a day job I love.

Sarah Eggers | Freelance Web Developer | via Course Report

Cristy Koebler

“Once I signed up for the Blueprint, I was blown away by how much personal attention you get from instructors. I also really liked the interaction on Mightybell. I started the Web Developer Blueprint with a goal of having a completed portfolio by the end, and that’s exactly what I got!”

Cristy Koebler | Owner at Hemera Marketing

Paola Maldonado

“Taking that first step and learning with Skillcrush was life-changing. Not only did it make coding accessible and fun, but I also felt that I was part of a community that genuinely wanted me to succeed.”

Paola Maldonado | iOS Developer at BuzzFeed

Before Skillcrush: Administrative Assistant

Becca Slosberg
I finished Skillcrush class AND got my first job as a front-end developer. Woot woot! Skillcrush FTW! I am working at a web dev agency. We have some pretty big clients, and also work with a lot of graphic design agencies that don't have the capacity to code the sites they design in house. So far, I am loving it!!

Becca Slosberg | Junior Front End Developer at The Atom Group

our alumni ARE TALKING

What They Say About Skillcrush:

"The mix of collaboration, direction, response, and convenience are unparalleled."
"You guys are amazing!!! I love how responsive you are and quick!! Seriously, within minutes I hear back from you. It truly feels like a community!!"
"This is among the best - very clear to follow and articulated well for beginners."
"I have tried other online school/learn to code websites but found they moved too fast or didn't explain in depth enough. So far, I'm finding Skillcrush to be better on that front!"
"I love that Skillcrush is easy to understand and it's not time consuming. It was so easy to wrap up a week of classes on one lazy Sunday afternoon. "
Michelle Meagher
In two hours I feel like I’ve learnt enough to actually go and build something, which is a pretty awesome feeling. That’s so much further than I ever got by reading online tutorials or “HTML for dummies”!

Michelle Meagher | Blogger at Workerbeefree

Alessandra Viero

“Since taking Skillcrush, it has become much easier to do many things myself and to communicate with my web colleagues. I feel like a new world is opening in front of me and I think I’m on the right path. And I confess… it feels so cool!!!”

Alessandra Viero | Digital Program Manager at Dassault Systemes

Lila Barton

“Before Skillcrush I had to ask the engineering team to explain things to me in basic, “non-techy” language. I am now able to much better communicate with our team and external partners. I am also confident that I can build my own website, and will be working with my sister to launch her first website this month!”

Lila Barton | Marketing Manager at Chegg Inc.

our alumni ARE TALKING

What They Say About Skillcrush:

"I was very intimidated by tech before I started, and Skillcrush has made it so easy (and affordable) to learn something completely new AND extremely relevant in our increasingly digital world."
"As I go through the lessons, I think: "Wow, this is explained so well and I don't feel stupid." Skillcrush gives me hope that there are career options for me. And it’s sooo much fun!! I love your encouragement when it gets difficult! =)"
"I love the community feeling, the quick feedback, and the feeling of learning in a group although its just me and my laptop. You are good at giving me a way out whenever I get stuck. "

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